Tips for Pruning Trees in Spring

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Most people believe pruning trees is a practice that can be carried out whenever they want, experts believe it is not so. It has been proven time and again that the effects of pruning trees can vary from season to season. In addition, the effects will also depend on the amount of pruning that is being done.

When to Prune Trees?

Generally, pruning trees during early Spring is preferred. According to experts, this is the time when the plants are entering the stage of rapid growth. Therefore, wounds afflicted by pruning will rapidly be healed. Remember, here we are referring pruning trees for growth and not for avoiding diseases or damaged plants. For the latter, you can always prune trees whenever you want, whether it is Spring or Autumn.  

Wormtec Worm Extract

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soil-injection-sliderWormtec Worm Farming specialises in the unique production, blending and mixing of worm extracts; products which include biological inoculants, trace elements and microbial food activators. The extract is sold as an organic bio-spray for agricultural and home garden applications.  

Why should I hire a Qualified Arborist?

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Trees provide an enormous range of benefits, some are often overlooked:

  • Enhancement of local environment and ecosystems
  • Provision of shade and shelter
  • Reduction of pollutants and sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
  • Improved well being


Pruning and removing trees can be dangerous and technically difficult job, and should only be carried out by those who are trained to do so. Trees are also a great asset and can increase property values significantly as well as being large, complex organisms in their own right: poor maintenance of your trees can result in loss of tree health and/or structural stability. Arborists care for trees and provide services that can improve and enhance your tree’s health, visual amenity and long term structural integrity.


Water Saving Tips

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As water restrictions increase more and more gardeners are becoming water wise. Here are some of our helpful tips that will save you both time and money.

  • Add organic matter to enhance your soil. Soils that are rich in organic matter absorb and hold moisture and nutrients more easily, while also containing the right structure for healthy root growth.
  • Increase the soil’s water retention by mulching. Spread a thick layer of mulch over the soil, ideally 7.5cm or more thick.


Safe Tree Planting Guidelines

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  • When mature, trees should not grow to within two metres of powerlines - that is, the powerline from the street to your home and the powerlines that run along your street or in easements (diagram 1).


  • Before planting on ENERGEX easements always contact ENERGEX on 13 12 53 to check if there are any special planting requirements.


  • If you want to plant taller plants, apply the 45-degree rule: Plant at a distance from the powerline at least equal to the expected mature height of the plant (diagram 2).


Preparing For Storm Season

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Before the Storm…
How to Prepare When preparing for storm seasons

Have your trees inspected regularly (e.g. every two years) so that any problems can be addressed early and at a time that suits you. A qualified and experienced arborist can do this efficiently and economically.

Look for potential hazards and investigate the condition of your trees. You or a qualified arborist should look for damage such as: cracks in the trunk or major limbs; hollow, ages and decayed trees; hanging branches; improperly formed branches; one-sided or significantly leaning trees; and branches that may come into contact with the house.

Know your tree: Some species are more prone to storm damage. You should have a qualified arborist evaluate your trees for hardiness and resilience. Being aware of trees which may succumb to harsh weather conditions will help you decide if you want to replace these potentially dangerous species.  

StumpMan – Professional Tree Services

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The focus of Stumpman Tree Removal specialists is to provide a professional, safe and efficient service whilst maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.With our 11 Metre Cherry Picker - you can be assured our service will be professional, quick and to the highest standard.