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Tips for Pruning Trees in 2018 – Gold Coast

by Glenn Dalton 1 comments



Most people believe pruning trees is a practice that can be carried out whenever they want, experts believe it is not so. It has been proven time and again that the effects of pruning trees can vary from season to season. In addition, the effects will also depend on the amount of pruning that is being done.

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When to Prune Trees and Cut Trees?

Generally, pruning trees during early Spring is preferred. According to experts, this is the time when the plants are entering the stage of rapid growth. Therefore, wounds afflicted by pruning will rapidly be healed. Remember, here we are referring pruning trees for growth and not for avoiding diseases or damaged plants. For the latter, you can always prune trees whenever you want, whether it is Spring or Autumn. If you would like to learn more about our pruning and tree cutting services on the Gold Coast, contact us today. Here are some great tips on How To Prune Trees And Shrubs.