Mulch is a material spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate soil. It usually consists of decaying leaves, tree bark, compost, or remains from stump grinding.

There are two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made of natural materials generated by vegetation, such as straw, chopped leaves, bark nuggets, grass clippings, and so on. These materials eventually decompose and provide nutrients to soil and plants. Inorganic mulches, on the other hand, are made of materials that were never alive, such as plastic, gravel, and landscape fabric. The best type of mulch for your garden depends on the particular plants you have and their likes and dislikes.

If you are considering mulch for your garden, here are some benefits of adding insulation to soil and plant roots through Gold Coast mulch & mulching:

Reducing weed growth

Weeds compete with crop and ornamental plants for water and nutrients and give an unkempt aspect to gardens. Mulching is recommended if you dislike weeding and you want to prevent these unsightly plants from spreading all over your yard.

Reducing irrigation costs

Because mulch prevents soil from drying out, you will need less water to preserve your garden in good condition. Mulching reduces evaporation and keeps your water consumption levels low.

Protecting soil from extreme temperatures

Applying a thick layer of mulch to your garden soil keeps it warm during cold weather and cool in the heat of the summer. You will protect your plants’ roots and even be able to recreate conditions needed to acclimatise different plants from other geographical areas.

Recycling organic waste from your garden

Organic mulch needs to be replaced as it decomposes, but you can avoid recurring costs by using your own materials obtained from your garden. Some of the best options are compost, shredded leaves, bark clippings, and stump grinding leftovers. Instead of discarding organic waste and putting a strain on sanitation services, you can protect the environment and save money at the same time by producing your own mulch.

However, if your mulching needs exceed what your garden is able to produce, we are here to help. The Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd has a large variety of mulch available for just about any needs that may arise.

So, for all of your Gold Coast mulch & mulching needs, contact us today!

All prices exclude GST and you will need to add a standard delivery fee from $45 (for local) to $65 (for outer areas). We also mulch your gardens using our mini loader. 

Gold Coast Mulch Options

Tea Tree Mulch

 Termite resistant & helps condition soil
– from $100/mt

Soft Fall pine bark mulch

Certified for children’s playgrounds 
– from $120/mt

Forest Budget Mulch

A good all round budget mulch 
– from $30/mt

Cypress Bark

Holds colour , does not break down as quick as other mulches, also termite resistant  – from $95/mt

Hoop Pine Mulch

Good for slopes, and moisture condition 
– from $95/mt

Tropical Cypress Mulch

Course cut termite resistant with good water penetration 
– from $90/mt

Cypress Chip Bark/Mulch

Longest lasting cypress mulch 
– from $95/mt

Cypress Blend Fine Bark & Chip

A fine bark & chip 
– from $88/mt

 Sugar Cane Mulch

Good for water retention and great for your vegetable garden – from $28 per packet

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