When do you need palm removal services?

Palm removal Gold Coast is one of the toughest tree jobs and it should be entrusted to experts. At The Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd, we handle all customer requirements using trained workers and professional equipment that get the job done fast and safely.

Palms usually improve the appearance of a property and increase its value, but no tree lasts forever and in some cases palms may become diseased. When is it time to remove your old palm tree?

  • When you need to make room for new plants;
  • When the palm has grown out of control and it affects the appearance of your garden;
  • When the palm is threatening nearby structures.

Why palm removal is not a do-it-yourself job

Aside from the usual dangers of tree removal (injury, property damage, liability), palm trees are even more difficult to handle. Before trying to remove a palm tree by yourself, consider the following aspects:

  • Palm trees have extensive root structures and stumps are difficult to remove because of the large number of thin roots hidden below the soil;
  • Palm trees are particularly sturdy and difficult to cut;
  • The palm’s unique structure makes removal extremely difficult for amateurs and injury or property damage risks are higher than usual.

Call our professional tree removal services and have your palm tree removed safely!

At Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd, we prefer preserving trees, but in some cases removal is the best solution. We are a reputable and experienced tree removal firm and our trained staff can handle palm removal professionally, from assessing client needs and risks to leaving the area clean and ready for future use. We remove debris to make sure your garden looks exactly as expected and we take care of all problems associated with palm removal for you.

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