One of the biggest challenges when it comes to stump removal on the Gold Coast is getting rid of the unsightly stump that remains after cutting down the tree. Before trying to remove stumps on your own, consider the following reasons to perform professional stump grinding:

Improve your property’s aspect

Stumps represent an eye-sore in an otherwise perfect yard and nobody likes to see tree stumps on their property or on surrounding areas. Stump grinding restores your yard’s well-groomed appearance within minutes.

Avoid difficult and time-consuming stump removal on the Gold Coast

Removing a stump by hand lasts days and is very hard work. You will tear up the surrounding area and you will risk damaging utility lines or irrigation systems. If you choose burning the tree stump with toxic chemicals you will have to wait for years and you will also cause damage to the environment. Professional stump removal is simply the best solution if you want to do the job fast and with minimal damage.

Preventing insects and pests from breeding

Cockroaches, termites, frogs, lizards, and snakes are just some of the creatures attracted by stumps. These can spread to the rest of your property and become a hazard to your safety.

Avoid new tree growth with stump removal on the Gold Coast

By shredding stumps with stump grinders, the roots are severed and you will avoid continued growth of the root system or of new branches. Your utilities, driveways, and home foundation will be safe and you will also avoid the unpleasant aspect of tree cuts which have generated new stems.

The Professional Tree Works has specialised stump grinding machines for efficient stump removal. The process of our Gold Coast stump removal consists of the following steps:

1 – The actual stump grinding

Our stump grinding machine operates on a specified depth below ground level, with the option of root chasing. Within minutes, tree stumps are ground and you save hours of hard work.

2 – Filling the hole

The most common solution is turning stumps into mulch and using it to fill the hole. We simply rake all mulch back into the hole after completion.

3 – Restoring your yard’s aspect

After your tree and stump are removed, the area is ready for building, paving, turfing, concreting, or replanting. No need to worry about stump remains, as Gold Coast stump grinding and stump removal work can also prevent continued regrowth and termites building nests into old tree roots.

We provide estimates over the phone, via pictures, but prefer to give you a quote direct, then emailed.

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