What is tree lopping?

At Gold Coast tree lopping we take pride in what we do – it is a landscaping process involving branch trimming, tree reshaping, and in some cases, trunk shortening. Tree lopping is a radical operation which some schools of thought disagree with, but which is necessary for damaged trees. Keep reading and find out in what situations you need professional tree lopping services.

When do you need tree lopping?

You should call to professional tree lopping services in any of the following situations:

  • You need to limit the tree’s height or to change the direction of its branches;
  • The tree has damaged sections that need to be removed. By eliminating sections that are no longer living, the rest of the tree will thrive and will begin to grow new branches. Moreover, you will minimise the chance of dead branches falling on your property during storms;
  • The tree obscures a pleasant view from inside the building. A better view from the interior will increase the value of your property.

Risks associated with tree lopping

Tree lopping needs to be performed responsibly if you want to avoid the following potential risks and disadvantages:

  • Trees which have been lopped improperly are unsightly and decrease the value of your property;
  • Overly-lopped trees produce poorly attached new branches, which may fall and cause damage or injuries;
  • The tree may die if its foliage is reduced to the minimum;
  • A lopped tree is more vulnerable to insects and diseases.

Hire Professional Tree Lopping to trim your trees

By hiring us you will be free from danger and with minimal trauma – not to mention the aches and pains if you’re not used the this rigorous task!If nevertheless you consider tree lopping to be necessary, we can assist you with expert’s advice and we can provide professional tree trimming services using approved techniques. We take care to maintain the natural form and beauty of the tree and at the same time we eliminate safety hazards. Let us take care of the trees on your property and you will avoid loss of time, an aesthetic appearance of your trees, and the risk of unstable branch regrowth.

Tree Lopping Service
Tree Lopping Service